I've just signed up for Payroll Hub....but already have a KeyPay account!

    09-07-2020 08:01 PM Comment(s) By Admin

    So, you've just taken the plunge. A 30-day FREE (did we mention FREE?) trial of IH Payroll. You've been looking for a way to manage your payroll. You want to stay compliant. Your firm needs to keep track of expenses, of timesheets, of the rosters and the pay runs. And your firm relies on YOU.


    By the way, we know that sometimes YOU are your firm - responsible for marketing, business leads, delivering projects, meeting with clients, satisfying compliance requirements - it's an endless list. IH Payroll is here to help by taking the headache out of payroll processes.


    If you're like many of our customers, then sometime ago, you signed up with KeyPay (one of the world's leading payroll apps). But you realised you needed something that would connect your data. Join your information dots. Eliminate the time you spend syncing information from one database to another, and give you that time back: to do what you do best and build your business.


    You love Zoho and all its apps, its power, its connectivity. But there was a payroll-shaped hole in your systems and you thought KeyPay would fill it. Well, we love KeyPay and decided to link Zoho to KeyPay. Now, all the wonderful data, the priceless information and the processes that you've built up over the years, can be put to use. Zoho People modules like Employees, Location, Leaves and Expenses will sync seamlessly with KeyPay.


    But here's the deal: if you've already got KeyPay, can you switch your existing account over to Payroll Hub for Zoho? You're not going to pay two subscriptions, are you? No way. And we know that. An IH Payroll subscription gives you the best of two worlds: KeyPay and Zoho. So all you have to do is transfer your existing KeyPay account to Payroll Hub.


    Check out the really detailed, simple instructions here, and you'll be up and running - with a Payroll Hub account - in no time. Boost your productivity, satisfy your payroll compliance and streamline your business processes!

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