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    Is there a pill for this? COVID-19 causing workforce management headaches.


    We all know the devastation that COVID-19 has wreaked across the globe. In every country, communities are dealing with the ongoing impact of a pandemic that has, in many cases, fundamentally changed the way we live and work.


    In some countries, financial support initiatives have been developed to help maintain economic stability, keeping people in the workforce and enabling businesses to keep trading. Early on, New Zealand announced a NZ$12.1bn business continuity package [1] while Australia launched JobKeeper and JobSeeker programs among other federal funding initiatives amounting to AU$213.6bn [2]. In March, the British government committed to covering 80 per cent of the wages of millions of affected workers[3]; measures that will hopefully provide some level of relief to the heavily impacted.


    However, adapting to a new reality at pace has resulted in a challenging few months for most of us, with increased complexity in unexpected areas.


    Workforce management has become particularly difficult as redundancies, reduced working hours, stand-downs and working from home become the norm.


    For payroll managers and systems, the changing environment means unprecedented complexity as businesses grapple with a new source of income when government assistance applies, funnelling the funding to staff members who qualify and creating processes to meet regulatory and reporting requirements.


    Add that to the volume of work created by diminishing employee numbers and slashed working hours, and there are people in the payroll function nursing headaches normally associated with tequila. 


    It’s easy to make mistakes (if the Australian Government is anything to go by<span style="font-size:12pt;">[4]</span>) and the increased pressure on the payroll function, at a time when employees are extraordinarily conscious of issues with their wages, should encourage business owners to look for ways to simplify processes wherever possible.


    One tool that can help streamline workforce management is the Infra Hub Payroll Extension for Zoho, which syncs various Zoho People modules with KeyPay.


    The Infra Hub Payroll Extension means that data held in Zoho People modules – like Employees, Location, Leaves, Timesheet, and Expenses – can be pushed directly to KeyPay, minimising the risk that accompanies manual data entry as well as saving significant time and effort.


    Journal data from KeyPay software can also be synced with Zoho Books, offering seamless transference of data, and ensuring accuracy and consistency across multiple systems.


    The Infra Hub Payroll Extension can be easily customised to match fields between KeyPay and Zoho People and provides a comprehensive view of all your records along with explanations for sync failures and other errors.


    With increased scrutiny on data security, Infra Hub Payroll Extension meets stringent data protection requirements, protecting sensitive information from unauthorised access and data corruption. The Infra Hub Payroll Extension is secure and encrypts your organisation’s to the highest degree.


    While the business community navigates the seismic shift in the way we now work, it’s important that we look for ways to automate functions that have traditionally relied on processes vulnerable to human error. Apps like the Infra Hub Payroll Extension can help with this, and perhaps minimise the headaches. 


    The Infra Hub Payroll Extension is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom.


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