So, um, how does Zoho connect with IH Payroll?

    09-07-2020 08:04 PM Comment(s) By Admin

    You're up and running. A brand new, shiny IH Payroll is sitting proudly in your browser. Your payroll needs are becoming less, well, needy. End of month isn't a scary time anymore. You're starting to feel in control of payroll because the process is so seamless. Enter annual leave figures into Zoho People, press a button and hey presto! It turns up in IH Payroll. Generate an invoice and kaboom! IH Payroll will sync with Zoho Books and maintain the journal.


    We know what you're thinking. Most of us only speak one language. How does Zoho speak IH Payroll? And how does IH Payroll speak Zoho? We'd like to say 'magic', but our programmer's wands were broken the day they wrote the code for IH Payroll. So they used good old-fashioned scripting, and made a bullet-proof means of our payroll app getting data out of the Zoho People and Books modules, and putting the data in the right place. On time, every time.


    In fact, now that you mention 'on time, every time', we bet you'd like to know how often the sync happens. When syncing from IH Payroll to Zoho People, there will be a periodic sync every single day at 12:00 am, UTC. And you can manually sync at ANY time by simply hitting the 'Sync' button in IH Payroll. How about the other way, we hear you ask? From Zoho People to IH Payroll? Well, it's exactly the same: periodic sync every single day at 12:00 am, UTC and a manual sync whenever you need to.


    And how about IH Payroll to Zoho Books? That gets a periodic sync every six hours - and, again, whenever you hit the sync button, it will do its thing.


    Remember, this is pretty much the whole reason we wrote IH Payroll. So you could connect your awesome Zoho apps to a reliable, world-leading payroll app. No need to waste time and enter data twice. If it's been entered in Zoho, IH Payroll will capture it. And if you're making payments out of IH Payroll, press a button and watch the magic happen.


    Spend less time on data entry. Don't open yourself up to costly mistakes. Work smarter, so you can devote your time to building your business.


    Check out all the detailed instructions here, sit back and let the systems work for you. 

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