Looking for a fast & accurate cloud payroll software? Automate & simplify your payroll processes with Payroll Hub for Zoho that integrates ZohoBooks & ZohoPeople with Keypay.
    28-08-2020 08:23 PM - Comment(s)

    You've all heard the joke:


    "Knock Knock.


    Who's there?




    Lettuce who?


    Let us in!"


    Well, it's kind of the same idea with Payroll Hub and Zoho. Yes, Zoho won't just let anyone access your data. There is a front door on Zoho with a security guard out the f...

    09-07-2020 08:10 PM - Comment(s)

    You're up and running. A brand new, shiny Payroll Hub is sitting proudly in your browser. Your payroll needs are becoming less, well, needy. End of month isn't a scary time anymore. You're starting to feel in control of payroll because the process is so seamless. Enter annual leave figures into Zoho...

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    So, you've just taken the plunge. A 30-day FREE (did we mention FREE?) trial of IH Payroll. You've been looking for a way to manage your payroll. You want to stay compliant. Your firm needs to keep track of expenses, of timesheets, of the rosters and the pay runs. And your firm relies on YOU.



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