Payroll Hub for Zoho (Australia, NZ, Singapore and UK)

    Payroll Hub integrates Zoho Books with KeyPay and Zoho People for efficient payroll management.


    KeyPay is a cloud payroll software that tracks expenses, rosters, time-sheets, pay runs, and leave, with pre-built modern awards that help you stay compliant by automating all pay rate calculations for Australia, New Zealand and UK. Additionally, the employee self-service portal module allows the staff to submit leaves, view shifts, and create time-sheets through any device.


    Zoho Books is an all-inclusive accounting software that records all your expenses, payments, and other financial data in one place. Zoho People, on the other hand, is a cloud-based HR software that manages your human resource needs such as attendance management, employee database and more. The sync with Keypay can be with Zoho Books or Zoho People or with both as required.

    Payroll Hub is a cloud-based, centralised Zoho Books extension that integrates with KeyPay and Zoho People if required to manage all things related to your organisation’s payroll management. Payroll Hub can help streamline your entire payroll processes and keep track of pay runs, travel expenses, time-sheets, employee reimbursements, attendance, and more from one place. Added to this, the integration comes with an employee self-service portal that allows staff members to directly manage their leave, expenses, and time-sheets.

    Please email admin@infrahub.co  if you have any questions. Or access our help desk.
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    Price for the Payroll Extension

    AUD 5.00 / NZD 5.00 / GBP 3.00

    Employee/Month (includes KeyPay App)

    (30 days free trial)

    Note - if you already have a KeyPay account, please use a different email address to the one you use for your KeyPay account. 

    Your KeyPay data can be transferred over to IH Payroll at your convenience.

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    Key Features of the Payroll App
    Key Features - Sync
    IH Payroll includes a white-label Keypay account and integrates with Zoho Books and Zoho People

    Effortlessly sync various Zoho People modules with KeyPay like Employees, Location, Leaves, Time-sheet, and Expenses. You can also sync your Journal data from KeyPay software with Zoho Books by selecting the organisation and journal account.  Also, timesheets from KeyPay can be synced to Zoho People to enable automatic invoices of clients.

    Payroll Hub includes a "white-label" account to KeyPay (for Australia, NZ and UK) so no need to pay for that separately per user.

    Mapping between KeyPay and Zoho Books Chart of Accounts

    The 'default'  KeyPay accounts are automatically created within Zoho Books on sync to assist with set-up.  Also, all Zoho Books Chart-of-Accounts are available within Payroll Hub to tailor to your company's accounting requirements.

    Employee expenses can also be tracked from an iPhone or Android App called Work-Zone which updates the Payroll Hub which is automatically synced with Zoho Books.

    Key Features - Mapping
    KeyPay and Zoho Books Chart of Accounts
    Key Features - Sync
    IHPayroll and KeyPay has 256-bit SSL encryption

    KeyPay Access control ensures that only the authorised people within your organisation see the payroll information.  Depending on roles and responsibilities of individuals in your organisation, the level of information can be modified as required. 

    KeyPay offer the use of a secure server. All supplied sensitive/credit information is transmitted using the latest 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology and then encrypted into their payment gateway provider's database only to be accessible by those authorised with special access rights to such systems, and are required to keep the information confidential. 256-bit SSL encryption is the industry standard.

    Workzone - Empower your employees

    WorkZone gives employees the tools to manage their own data - straight from their phones.  The app can be accessed from a smartphone, shifting the ownership to the employee, eliminating staff admin request.

    As an extension of the Employee Self Service portal, WorkZone is the DIY for employees. This feature is include in Payroll Hubs standard and plus plans, and is free to download on iOS and Android from the app store.

    Key Features - Mapping
    Work Zone is an iPhone and Android App that is available with Payroll Hub