About us

    A Hub for Innovative and Collaborative Companies and Projects.

    Our vision is to improve the efficiency of businesses and projects by making better use of data and apps that improve integration. Optimisation will be achieved by providing better integration between stages of projects, commercial and delivery teams of businesses as well as between the delivery teams of projects.. 


    Exchange Tower, Level 1, 530 Little Collins Stree, Melbourne, VIC 3000

    Email: admin@infrahub.co

    Reliable and Collaborative

    Apps provided by Infra Hub assist businesses and organisations to link their existing enterprise solutions to provide seamless and cost efficient delivery.  Data will become 'smart' and all stakeholders will have a up-to-date company and project information that can inform their decisions


    The two Infra Hub directors have been in the infrastructure and project management industries for a combined 40 years and understand the value of maximising the 'intelligence' of business and project data.

    Stuart Carroll - CEO and Director

    Stuart is a Program Manager with Metro Trains Melbourne as well as a CEO and Director of Infra Hub.  With his experience in the rail industry he understands the importance of  clearly outlining requirements of projects and responding to the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

    Stuart is particularly interested in making better use of the vast amounts of data available to companies by creating apps that break down 'silos' between teams and enterprise apps to improve collaboration and provide informative business intelligence (BI).  LinkedIn Profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuart-carroll

    Michael Watson - Product Lead

    Michael is a certified product manager with 7 years experience leading product teams and 12 years experience delivering payroll and workforce management solutions. He provides product leadership and payroll experience to help grow Infra Hub's Payroll Hub product and expand Infra Hub's product offering. LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelwatson3/

    Infomaze Elite

    Infomaze Elite is a Zoho Authorized Partner and works closely with Zoho Technical Support.  Infomaze Elite assisted Infra Hub in developing the IH Payroll App.  The Infomaze Elite team provides technical support to Infra Hub customers Monday-Saturday. 

    Infomaze is a Software Development Company and an IT Consultant based in India and has been providing web and mobile application developments since 2002. Infomaze specializes in business solutions across various platforms.

    Website - https://www.infomazeelite.com/