Knock Knock!

    09-07-2020 08:10 PM Comment(s) By Admin

    You've all heard the joke:


    "Knock Knock.


    Who's there?




    Lettuce who?


    Let us in!"


    Well, it's kind of the same idea with Payroll Hub and Zoho. Yes, Zoho won't just let anyone access your data. There is a front door on Zoho with a security guard out the front, flexing their muscles.


    But thanks to our integration work with the team at Zoho (and some brilliant programming, we might add), with the click of just a few buttons, that security guard will roll out the red carpet and give you a VIP pass.


    Just follow these simple instructions, and IH Payroll will be able to access the data in Zoho Books and Zoho People. Remember, the most important word we know when it comes to Zoho and Payroll Hub, is integration. Connect your processes and you're effectively creating a freeway between the two. Enter data once, and watch it flow between Zoho and Payroll Hub. Don't make costly mistakes by re-entering data. 


    Rely on Payroll Hub today!


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