Things to consider when choosing payroll software in UK

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    If you hire employees, you are responsible for collecting tax and Insurance from them on behalf of the government. While many businesses still maintain their payroll manually, this is time-consuming and prone to error. So, most SMEs' best solution is to automate the process using specifically designed payroll software for small business.

    Not too long ago, this wouldn't have been affordable. But right at this point, given the wide variety of cost-effective SaaS-based cloud payroll software available in the market, it's a realistic option.

    Setting Up The Best Payroll Software For Your Business

    Suppose your business is set up in the UK and seeking to handle payroll in a cost-effective manner. In that case, you will need to first register with HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) beforehand and complete specific protocols in order to set up payroll.

    Irrespective of what payroll software you're going with, you'll first need to register each person's employment details into the system, including their tax code, which defines how much PAYE and National Insurance you need to deduct.

    Then, just update an employee's record with all changes to wages or salary paid and any holiday pay or other entitlement, and our advanced payroll hub for Zoho payroll management software will do all the necessary tax and NI calculations that comes pre-integrated with Zoho Books, Zoho People, and Keypay.

    Choose The Best Payroll Software For Your Business In UK

    Deciding which is the best payroll management software for you will depend on various factors such as the size of your company, the level of technical support you require, the accounting software you currently use, and whether your staff is salaried, paid by the hour, or receive a commission.

    Essential Functions And Features you should look Before Chossing Payroll Software.

    ·  Real-Time Information (RTI). To give an up-to-the-minute and realistic view of taxes advanced and other deductions, RTI was introduced. Therefore, it is expected of everyone only to use payroll management software that is RTI compliant like those of Payroll Hub for Zoho.

    ·  If you pay commission, bonuses, and overtime, look for a system that can be easily customized to your business needs. If your payroll rarely changes, a solution that offers automated rules and scheduling will allow you to carry the same processes every week or month with minimal effort.

    ·  With most people paid through BACS (Bankers' Automated Clearing System), you will want a payroll management solution that can carry out the mentioned functions, or you'll have to set up a separate system to do so.

    ·  Be informed that not all systems will print out payslips or send an EPS (Employer Payment Summary) report or EYU (Earlier Year Update) to HMRC. Again, all useful to have.

    ·  UK businesses are now required to automatically enroll employees into a pension scheme and make payroll deductions accordingly. Hence choosing a cloud-based payroll management software that can auto-enroll new employees and manage pension payments and records will be another time-saver.

    ·  If you need to access the system from mobile devices, then consider a solution that works across multiple devices. But make sure to check if there is any loss of functionality or responsiveness when using a smaller screen.

    ·  Having a system with multi-user access is useful if you want staff to download previous payslips or look up their pay history, for instance.

    ·  However, there's always a learning curve when implementing new software, so you might want to consider significant technical and ongoing support from the vendor.

    If you’re deciding on a solution for your business Payroll Hub for Zoho can help. Our team of expert consultants can help advise you on the payroll package that will work best for your business and even set it up.

    Getting it right in the first place can save you a lot of headaches later.  Select the Right Payroll Management Software for your Business

    For more information, you can contact us or request a quote directly here.

    Payroll Hub for Zoho is a comprehensive cloud-based solution from one of the best accounting software firms. It comes pre-integrated with Zoho Books, Zoho People, and Keypay for a full-featured payroll management solution.

    You can even print or email your payslips and other reports to save yourself from all that paper clutter. It’s easy to amend former pay runs, and adjustments are handled automatically.

    Try it free for 30 days; then, the standard pricing starts at £3 per month + VAT. Please note that all features are included even in the basic plan, and the prices can scale as and how your employee strength increases.


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