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    Knock Knock!

    You've all heard the joke:


    "Knock Knock.


    Who's there?




    Lettuce who?


    Let us in!"


    Well, it's kind of the same idea with Payroll Hub and Zoho. Yes, Zoho won't just let anyone access your data. There is a front door on Zoho with a security guard out the f...

    09-07-2020 08:10 PM - Comment(s)
    What Is The Impack Of Remote Working On Payroll
    Explore how remote work impacts payroll processes, from tax implications to tracking hours, ensuring smooth operations in the modern workplace.
    09-07-2020 08:04 PM - Comment(s)
    Bridging the Communication Gap between Employees with Effective Payroll 

    The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a massive loss for the global economy and heavily impacted all businesses. While productivity can be achieved in some areas. Payroll however, is one crucial function that cannot be delayed even in this crisis. This article is for payroll accounting professionals with...

    09-07-2020 08:01 PM - Comment(s)
    How to Process Employees Returning from Furlough in Payroll?  

    The job retention scheme of the UK Government, formally known as furlough, has steadily changed from a full working benefit, replacing staff wages through proxy funds, into a staggering return to push the workforce out of this economically slow period during the pandemic. The last few months have be...

    13-06-2020 10:05 AM - Comment(s)