If you hire employees, you are responsible for collecting tax and Insurance from them on behalf of the government. While many businesses still maintain their payroll manually, this is time-consuming and prone to error. So, most SMEs' best solution is to automate the process using specifically design...

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    Looking for a fast & accurate cloud payroll software? Automate & simplify your payroll processes with Payroll Hub for Zoho that integrates ZohoBooks & ZohoPeople with Keypay.
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    You've all heard the joke:


    "Knock Knock.


    Who's there?




    Lettuce who?


    Let us in!"


    Well, it's kind of the same idea with Payroll Hub and Zoho. Yes, Zoho won't just let anyone access your data. There is a front door on Zoho with a security guard out the f...

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    2020 has been a transformative year for most businesses. Many employers have had to take a long hard look at how they manage their employees and make significant changes in the wake of COVID-19 in order to adapt to what is quickly becoming the new normal. For a large proportion of these businesses, ...

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    The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a massive loss for the global economy and heavily impacted all businesses. While productivity can be achieved in some areas. Payroll however, is one crucial function that cannot be delayed even in this crisis. This article is for payroll accounting professionals with...

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    The job retention scheme of the UK Government, formally known as furlough, has steadily changed from a full working benefit, replacing staff wages through proxy funds, into a staggering return to push the workforce out of this economically slow period during the pandemic. The last few months have be...

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